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Madrid escolta

Hello Everyone, I am Lindsay, a 23 year old young woman working as call girl in Moscow. I am also doing fashion designing course from reputed college too. I work as an escort of my own choice not in any pressure. I like dating young handsome and rich men. In-fact, I chose to meet only those men who can afford my lavish lifestyle. I like going for shopping, enjoying a romantic meal, attending social functions and later have a mind-blowing intimate session to make your time a memorable one. I don’t want to sound arrogant; but many of my clients have told me that I look better than my pictures. I have dark brown hair, slender figure, small rounded tits and glass like blue eyes. I most often wear exotic lingerie so that you make tender love to my gentle body. I enjoy kissing, indulging in erotic games and having coupling session in multiple positions. You can book me as your girlfriend or lover for one night by calling my agency or sending an email mentioning my name. 

My sex story

One of my most chilling sexual encounters was with a Chinese businessman. The guy fantasized about forcing himself on a woman, but didn’t get an opportunity to do this. He came to Russia for business conference as well as to satisfy his wild desires too. He had listened about Russian woman beauty and really wanted to get laid with one of the girl.
Thankfully, the opportunity came to me.  I arrived in his hotel room on time. As I shut the door, he pushed me to bed and forced a cloth inside my mouth. Before I could even protest, he tied my arms to two corners of bed and sat between my legs so that I couldn’t move.
He fondled my breasts inside my shirt for a while and then took out a scissor from his pocket. The guy started cutting my sexy white t-shirt. Within a minute, he cut my shirt into two-pieced and threw away my torn t-shirt. Then, he removed my pants along with underwear too.
He lay on top of me and gave me sweet kisses on my neck. From neck, he poured down soft kisses on my breasts and bit me on nipples too. He acted ferociously on my soft breasts. He sucked my nipples a lot till they were swollen red.
After satisfying himself with my chests, he kissed me on my soft stomach. While kissing, he also rubbed my pussy area gently. I got sexually aroused and held him tightly in my arms. Getting a positive signal from mine, the guy inserted his cock gently inside my body. While he moved his cock inside my body, his lips rested on mine. He gave me savage kisses on my lips while moving his cock deep inside my body. He ejaculated inside my vagina within 15 minutes of performing this act. I too scratched his back with my nails in excitement.
I thought sex would be over, but the guy wanted more from my body. He untied my hand, stood up from my thighs so that I could sit comfortably. The Chinese businessman then, put his cock gently inside my mouth. I too started sucking his cock, first slowly and then increasing my speed with time. He kept on moving his cock till he released sperm inside my mouth. As he cum inside my mouth, I went to bathroom to wash my mouth. When I came back, he was dressing up and was preparing to leave.
The guy thanked me for such a lovely time and requested me to have lunch with him. We had lunch in hotel’s restaurant where we talked about lot of stuff and then he walked away from my life.
I really thanked that Chinese businessman for making me comfortable with fictional forced sex and overcoming my fear of it. Nowadays, I always include it in my escort session to make my client happy and it has really helped me in making a name of myself in business.

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